Progress on JCR Projects/Policy

Project/PolicyStatusContactFurther details
1JCR Room ImprovementsBoard games and bean bags will be added by the beginning of Michaelmas 2019.
2Long vacation storage To be discussed in
3Improving the room ballot systemTo be discussed in
4Increasing transparency of fees and college financesThe Vice-President Internal and the Accommodation/Environmental officer has reached out to bursarial staff to explore ways and means of increasing transparency of college pay Queens’ College thousands of pounds annually in bills, UPay credit and tuition fees. The JCR is pushing for students to be more aware of what is done with their money, as well as all of the other sources of income for Queens’. This information is typically pubished in long reports in obscure corners of the Queens’ College website. By making this information more well-known, the JCR hopes that students will be more informed in the event of changes in prices and bill amounts.
5Clarifying the role of tutorsThis has been raised with the Senior Tutor. A letter has been sent out to all Freshers detailing the contact information of their Tutor and outlining the roles of Tutors. Infomation about this will also be given during talks in Freshers’
6JCR website content updatesRemaining webpages not updated or created include: bike information, university challenge, 4th year accommodation, out-of-college access schemes, CUSU infromation, useful links for prospective students and some society JCR of 2019-2020 inherited a website that was pleaseing aesthetically, but alas woefully out of date and lacking in some areas. Over their term, the JCR has been working to update and create over 50 webpages with information for Queens’ undergraduates.
7Changing the rules of room bookingsThis has been discussed with the Domestic Bursar and will be looked into at the first meeting of the Domus committee in Michaelmas.
8Online room bookings systemCatering & Conferences is currently working on this with the booking system provider.
9Upgrading QBar facilitiesFree-to-play pool will be trialled in Michaelmas 2019.
A football table will also be ordered for this term and be placed in the bar.
Artwork for the bar is still being sought
10Bike storage spaceThis has been discussed with the Domestic Bursar who will be talking to the Head Porter about potential solutions as the current bike cull system is not
11Formalising college societiesAwaiting first College Union meeting of is currently no definition for a Queens’ society, which is perplexing as room bookings rules have conditions on bookings being made for a Queens’ society. Formalising a society will help reduce uncertainty and allow a checklist for setting up a new society to be produced.
12Online resources for societiesInformation on how to set up societies and far more comprehensive funding information will be provided once a college society is formalised in College Union meetings in
13Clearing and regulating the JCR Store (JCR Office)A folder for tracking stored items will be produced for Michaelmas 2019 onwards. The trolley will be made available fro students once the JCR has successfully been able to remove extensive unused belongings of the charity, JCR store is a room off walnut tree court that is available for societies to use permanently, and students to use for short-term storage. Prior to Easter 2019, the room was not fit for use due to the mess and clutter. This all changed when the room was cleared in Lent term 2019.
14“Overcoming difficulties” welfare blogsWe are collecting submissions now! You can submit at idea behind this initiative is to share the experiences of Queens’ studets overcoming difficulties for the benefit of future Queens’ students which may be in similar situations and may be seeking assurances and solutions to their difficulties – from impostor syndrome and academic difficulties to mental health, sexual assault and dealing with disabilities
15Access to the AA balconyThis has been raised with the Domestic Bursar who has said that he will look into it and ger back to
16Cooking room for studentsThis will be investigated and raised with College in Michaelmas’ gyp rooms are not furnished with ovens, preventing certain kinds of cooking by students. Other colleges have similar situations, but have ovens available in a bookable room for students and societies alike.
18Campaigning for clarity of disciplinary
19TV channels in the barChanging the TV channel plan will be tabled in domus committee meetings in Michaelmas popular sports channels are unavailable in Queens’, including BT sports
20More oudoor seatingThis will be investigated and raised with College in Michaelmas
21Review of sexual assault policy in Queens’