COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Queens’ College guidance can be found here:

University of Cambridge guidance and resources can be found here:

Cambridge SU resources are found here:

Data from the COVID-19 testing service:

Self-isolating buttery delivery service:

🤒️ If you develop symptoms:

  1. Self Isolate
  2. Call the Plodge: 01223 335511
  3. Book a Test:

If the pandemic has caused you financial hardship (e.g. due to large unavoidable and unexpected costs) you should contact your tutor. Your tutor’s email address can be found on your CamSIS page under ‘academic’.

Should you have any questions about anything relating to the re-opening of Queens’ and would like a JCR perspective or explanation, please contact Tomos Wood at

Due to the pandemic, some JCR events will be held virtually. The Queens’ Discord is frequently used. Instructions are here and the joining link is here.

Further Information