In Queens’, all students are lucky enough to be able to live in college for three years, something not many colleges can boast! This means that you don’t have to worry about going house hunting, and all your bills will be organised through college.

First years are allocated their accommodation over the summer holiday. For returning second and third years, students choose rooms after a ballot for positions, with all third years choosing before, second years. Due to the arrangement of rooms, you can also ballot in groups to make sure you get to live with your friends. The ballot is performed each year by the college’s accommodation officer, and the subsequent selection of rooms is managed by the JCR.

In the second year, many students choose to share sets (two adjoining rooms with a bathroom), although this is not compulsory.

As the QJCR Accommodation Officer, it’s my job to help with any problems or queries you might have with your accommodation. I sit on the Domus committee (to do with domestic matters in college), and can raise any issues you have about accommodation. I also send emails reminding you about accommodation policy and am trying to simplify things as much as possible over the course of this year.

If you have a maintenance problem, something broken or faulty in your room, kitchen, bathroom or corridor, it’s best to directly get in touch with the maintenance department. You can fill in a maintenance request form at the Porters’ lodge or do it online by following the link on the JCR homepage. Please include your name and room number. Maintenance are usually very quick at sorting out any problems you might have, but will prioritise urgent issues, so make sure you state if this is the case.

If something is missing from your room (a kettle, or a piece of furniture), if you have a problem with your bedder, if you would like to borrow a mattress for a guest or if you have any other issues concerning your room, your first point of contact should be housekeeping. The housekeeping office is in CC4, (the ground floor of Cripps) and is generally open 9-4 weekdays.

A timer system exists in all of the gyp rooms in college. This means that in order to use electrical appliances a button on the wall must be pressed and you will get power for around 10 minutes. It’s a bit of a hassle when you want to cook something that takes longer than 10 minutes but they have been installed in response to council regulations and are consequently obligatory. The council has approved of the timer system and this system is being replicated in numerous other colleges. Please do not tamper with the timers.

If electrical appliances in your gyp room appear not to be working, before calling maintenance ensure that both the timer has been activated and the appliance itself is switched on at the wall socket, otherwise you will look very silly.

The college has signed up for the Universities UK Code of Practice for the Management of Student Housing