Quarterly Scheme

The quarterly scheme will commence in October and lasts until the end of June. It covers the following periods:

  • 1st October to 31st December
  • 1st January to 31st March
  • 1st April to 30th June

Students on the quarterly scheme pay an additional 20% rent (based on their room’s termly rent). E.g. if the termlÿ rent is £1200 the quarterly rent will be £1440.

Accommodation during vacations is not guaranteed as it is all subject to availability, but priority is given to students on the quarterly scheme over those seeking excess residence. Although the college has not yet had to refuse anyone on the quarterly scheme holiday accommodation, it does depend entirely on how many applications we get in each year and how many large conferences the College hosts in each vacation.

The quarterly scheme is particularly useful to those students who do not wish to travel home during vacations (international students especially) and to those students who wish to study at College during vacations (final year students especially). It is not good value if students only wish to stay a few days in each vacation — excess residence is a better option.

(At the time of editing (2019) excess residence costs —£31 per day so at the time of reading it is likely to be equal to or slightly more than that figure)

Letters detailing the scheme will be sent to each pigeonhole at the start of term in October. Students will be given the chance to switch to the quarterly scheme at the start of each year. Changing at other times is rarely available, for exact details students should contact the college accommodation officer (rooms@queens.cam.ac.uk). Therefore it is up to each student to plan their year carefully; this is particularly important for finalists and other students who may wish to stay over the Easter vacation. Students who fail to plan ahead will have to apply for excess residence which can be a more costly way of staying in College during the vacations.

Finally, if students occupying conference rooms (Cripps, Fisher or Erasmus) join the quarterly scheme they do so on the understanding that they will move to another room in College during vacations if their room is required by a conference delegate. The rent charged is based on the room they occupy during term time — not the room they may occupy if moved.

The quarterly scheme ends in late June each year but students may apply to remain in College during the Long vacation. Accommodation however, is not guaranteed. Details are sent out during the Easter Term.

Enquires about the Quarterly scheme should generally go to the college accommodation officer (rooms@queens.cam.ac.uk).