The alumni of Queens’ are the previously graduated students of the College. They are pivotal to the College as without their generosity, in the form of donations, Queens’ would struggle to continue financial sustainability.

Because of this, Queens’ aims to maintain a strong connection with alumni and regularly invites them back to the College. Being former students, the majority are interested in the current students (particularly those of the same subject) and enjoy interacting with them; this presents valuable networking opportunities for the students, potentially more useful than that through the Careers Service due to the sharing of related roots. Speaking to alumni is as insightful as it is interesting, widening your perspective on the opportunities after graduation; not to mention, in some cases, possible access into your chosen sector. Many alumni of Queens’ have become extremely successful, and missing an opportunity to meet with them would be most unfortunate.

It is variable to what extent these occasions will present themselves throughout the year; this section will be updated accordingly and any event will be in the Queens’ newsletter – so keep peeled.