Cambridge is the best city in the UK for cycling! The area is flat and there is plenty of cycle infrastructure. Many students, including those who never cycled frequently at home, get a bike to cycle to lectures, the boathouse, the train station or the cinema.

Resources for Cambridge, including maps and cycle rules, are found here.

Note that you must have front and rear lights when cycling at night in Cambridge or you may be fined by Police.


To keep your bike in Queens’, you must register it; visit the Porter’s Lodge to do this. Bikes can be kept in college for free, including over vacations.

Each bicycle must (to satisfy University Regulations as well as to maximise the chance of its return if it is stolen) bear a College Bicycle Number, allocated by the Head Porter. Cambridge Police have a large collection of impounded bicycles, which they sell if unclaimed within two weeks; bicycles displaying a College number are retained by the Police during vacations and for two weeks of the following term. 

There are two covered bicycle sheds in College, one behind Friars’ Building and the other alongside the path to Fisher Building. The latter is primarily intended for bicycles which are in daily use; students who rarely use their bicycles should use the sheds behind Friars’. The uncovered bicycle racks inside the Fisher Gates are intended mainly for visitors to the College. There is a secure cycle cage behind Friars’ for those who wish to lock their bicycles out of reach. Bicycles may not be ridden within the bounds of the College. Bicycles may not be taken into rooms or staircases, and may not be left in any of the courts of the College. Bicycle maintenance may not be carried out in College rooms. Every summer the College disposes of bicycles which appear abandoned or derelict, or which have no College number, or which were registered three years or more years previously.