Formal and Event Booking

This page gives information on ‘formals’ at Queens’, and how formals can be booked for societies. For non-formal society events, see room bookings.

Formal Hall

Queens’ offers formal dinners for undergraduate students and their guests in Cripps Hall multiple days a week (Wednesdays, Sundays and some Thursdays and Fridays).

Formal times can be found, and formals can be booked on UPay.

Dietary information, prices and the menu for regular formal halls can be found here.

Should you wish to invite more than the usual maximum of 3 guests, or if you are part of a large group and would like to ensure that you sit together, you need the permission of the JCR steward ( Once you have obtained permission please email or pop into the Catering & Conferences Office opposite the laundry room in FF staircase.

The JCR Steward is a good point of contact for suggestions, complaints and ideas for formals, as well as the QBar and Buttery menus. is their email address.

In addition to the ‘regular’ formal dinners, there are two Christmas formals held at the end of Michaelmas Term. Further information will be distributed via email ahead of this time.

Year reps organise ‘year dinners’ every year in Lent term.

Guest Nights

There are a number of ‘guest nights’ held every term, held in the elaborate Old Hall on the “Dark Side” of Queens’. These are very popular and so there is a random application process for tickets. The JCR steward is in charge of organising these events and will send emails with more details ahead of the events. *Never book a guest night ticket without explicit permission from a Steward*

Booking formals for societies

If you would like to book Old Hall or Cripps Hall for a subject, charity or society event, you should contact the Conferences and Catering Department at or pop into the office at the bottom of FF staircase. There is the option to choose menus, include a cheese board, port and/or pre-dinner drinks.

Note that there is a reduced price if all guests are from Queens’.

For a society event, the same rules as room bookings apply with regards to the Dean’s permission and a Queens’-member committee member.

Dean’s permission forms and further college information on room bookings can be found at:

The venues available are similar to those offered to conference guests: