Music Rooms

The college has two practice rooms available to students. These can be booked for a maximum of two hours at a time via a folder kept in the pigeon holes and the key can be collected from the porter’s lodge. There is currently a piano in each room and a drum kit in Music Room 2 available for general use. College is in charge of the upkeep of these rooms. When visiting either room, if you do find an issue with any of the instruments/equipment, please contact Professor Julia Gog at

Under exceptional circumstances, you may be permitted to store your instrument in one of the practice rooms or their cupboards. However, as the keys to the rooms are general access, the college cannot take any responsibility for your instruments. If you wish to store your instrument in a practice room, please contact Professor Julia Gog at the email address above.

The piano in Old Hall may be used on an ad hoc basis if permission is given by ‘MagSoc’ and with at least a grade 8. You can contact ‘MagSoc’ on their Facebook page.