As of 2019, Queens’ College has three punts that are available for students to book for some months of the year (they are not available over the Winter period) at low cost.

You can punt down the river past all the colleges or take the punts up the rollers South of Queens’ and punt towards Grantchester.

Punt bookings can be paid by UPay, cash, or can be added to a student’s college bill. Price was £6.50 per punt per hour in 2019.

Punts 1 and 2 can be booked for a maximum of four hours from a folder in the Porter’s Lodge. The porters should be able to answer all your punt-related questions. Punt 3 cannot be booked, and so is available if it is moored.

Punts are moored below the Mathematical Bridge. The key signed from the Porter’s Lodge will unlock the padlock here and access the cushions and oar from cupboards in the underground bike shed opposite T staircase. Punt poles are found behind Cripps building, on the corner nearest the Grove.

Please pay attention to the rules in the punt booking folder. A maximum of 6 people can ride each punt and it is imperative that nobody is in the punts when they are moved up or down the rollers as this will break the Hull. It is conventional to punt on the right-hand-side of the river and recommended that you don’t carry your phone and wallet with you if you are the punter!