Squash, Badminton, and Table Tennis

Squash courts

Queens’ College has two squash courts (numbered 2 and 3) which are free to use. Many students take up squash give this convenient facility.

Squash courts can be booked by writing names in a folder in the Porter’s Lodge’s pigeon-hole room. Rules for hire are detailed in this folder. Please cancel your booking if you no longer wish to play. Keys are signed out at the Porter’s Lodge and we ask that you return them on time!
Be aware that squash clubs from other colleges have bookings for the squash courts on weekday evenings at regular times. The MCR and JCR have squash clubs that have social times. These clubs will have rackets and balls so that students can try out squash for the first time. Contacts for sports and societies are found here.


Badminton can be played in the Fitzpatrick Hall. To book a session outside of existing club hours use you will have to visit the Conferences & Catering Office and ask to book for badminton. You may also email room.bookings@cam.ac.uk

Most people will play in the club sessions organised by the Queens’ badminton club. To find the contact details, click here [link to societies list which Armaan should be sending updates for] or look for the Badminton Club’s Facebook page.

Nets and some equipment are kept in the Badminton Cupboard in the corridor adjacent to the Fitzpat on the ground floor. Keys are signed out from the Plodge and must be returned. Ensure that lights are turned off when you leave and equipment is returned.

Table Tennis

Table tennis tables are found above the squash courts, along the corridor from the Bowett Room, which is where the tables are used. As with badminton, the club has its own equipment, which is sometimes kept in the badminton cupboard. Your best bet is to contact somebody at the table tennis club. You can find contact details here.

Most people will play at club social times, however you are free to visit the Conferences & Catering Office and ask to book for table tennis in the Bowett Room.