The Buttery

‘The Buttery’ is the canteen in Queens’. Food is served 3 times a day on weekdays. On the weekend, breakfast and lunch are combined into Brunch; famously tasty and good value in Queens’.

Food can be eaten in Cripps Hall or can be taken away in a takeaway box. We strongly encourage using a reusable takeaway box, you can buy one in the buttery or use your own (or just use your own plate!). Recyclable boxes are available, but will incur an extra (eco) charge. You are welcome to bring your own food to Cripps Hall. 

The buttery menu (and prices) can be found here.

Food is paid for via cash or cashless UPay system. Guests from outside Queens’ are welcome in the buttery. Since the Buttery is subsidised for Queens’ students, there is a small additional charge for non-Queens’ members (one guest per Queens’ student can avoid this charge).

Meals can also be bought using food vouchers obtained from doing access work e.g. school tours.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the options, service or pricing of buttery food, your first point of contact would be the JCR Food Steward. The Steward can be contacted at

Top tip: bookmark the buttery menu, or access it via the “quick links” tab of the JCR website!