The JCR Room


Thanks to the dedicated efforts of the JCR committee 2010-2011, Queens’ can now boast a dedicated room for members of the JCR. From Michaelmas 2011, the “Solarium” in Cripps Court AA has been converted into a card access relaxation room for students’ use, full of comfy spots to chill out, chat, read, whatever takes your fancy. The location has fantastic views out over the river and Cambridge, and will be a sun trap in the afternoons depending on the weather!

We’ll put up lots more information here so watch this space, and get excited about having this new resource!

The room has a TV, food and drink machines, and lots of spots to relax or work quietly. It won’t be a party room, and we won’t have any alcohol or massive noise in there – plenty of other places for these things! This is a room to recover from the hangover, not create one!