Here are a few useful terms to do with services within the university to get you started:

  • CRSid – This is your unique username within Cambridge. It takes the form of your initials followed by several numbers, e.g. tp344. It forms your email address,, and is also used in many other services.
  • Outlook – This is your University-provided email. It’s vital that you set it up as soon as you can, as it is the primary means of communication in Cambridge. Email plays a major part in communicating with your director of studies, supervisors, with the JCR and within societies. You can access it both via web, or (as I would recommend) via an Email client such as Thunderbird, (not to mention the email clients on other devices). For this, the following guide will be helpful:
  • Raven – The unified login system for many services within Cambridge.
  • PWF – The Public Workstation Facility (PWF) is a shared network of PCs and Macs within Cambridge, much like the computer network you might have had at your school.
  • UniOfCam – A wireless network available at certain locations both within Queens’ and at other locations around the university. You need your Raven login to access the internet in a UniOfCam area.
  • Eduroam – A wireless network available throughout Cambridge and many other locations globally. Further information can be found here.

Before you arrive in Cambridge you can find out your CRSid and after you arrive you can find out the passwords for various services (Hermes, Raven and the PWF). You can do this via the page new students.

Don’t worry if you don’t get everything working immediately however, it can often take most of freshers’ week to get connected. You might want to use the computers in the computer room to check your email if it’s starting to take too long.

Computer room

Queens’ has a dedicated computer room with a number of PCs and Macs, useful if you either don’t have a computer or need to work away from your room. It also provides internet access, free laser printing (bring your own paper), a wide range of applications for general ‘office’ type use, and specific software for your courses.

Public network sockets and wireless internet (UniOfCam and Eduroam) are also available in the library for laptop users. Wireless internet (UniOfCam and Eduroam) are also available in the college bar.

More reading

Essentially all this information and more is available on the UCS website. In addition, lots of very useful information relating to on computing in Queens’ and Cambridge is also available at Queens’ College Computing (only accessible when connected to the Queens’ network).