UniOfCam and Eduroam are two networks available virtually everywhere within Cambridge.

  • UniOfCam uses simple authentication and you will be able to log into it using Raven. However, note that this should be considered only for temporary use; eduroam is more secure and does not require a login every time you use it.
  • Eduroam is the recommended network for long-term use, however the set-up process is more involved. Visit the UIS page here for set-up details.


To use an ethernet cable to connect to the internet from your room, follow the instructions found here.
N.B. to manually trigger the registration portal, connect your device with an ethernet cable and enter the following link in your browser:

network traffic charge

Students should be aware that all network traffic, to and from their computers, where the origin and destination is outside of the CUDN (Cambridge), is chargeable and that there are NO free periods of use.

Users will be given a quota of 30GB per day, warning emails will be sent and you may be charged if you go over that amount.

You can view your traffic statistics (amongst other things) here (only accessible when connected to the Queens’ network). Do note that these don’t distinguish between traffic internal to the Cambridge network and traffic external, where you are only charged for external traffic.