Sports and Societies

There is a wide variety of exciting opportunities to be explored at Queens’. I’m here to make sure that sports and societies run smoothly and ensure that everyone has the chance to take part. There is something for everyone, regardless of ability or previous experience.

If you would like information about how to get involved in a particular society, please get in contact with the president or captain listed on the Societies List page. Alternatively, you can contact me directly on and I will do my best to help.

We are very lucky in Queens’ to have our own gym on site and more information about applying for membership can be found on the college website:

Queens’ is keen to support students involved in activities at a high level and will offer financial and tutorial aid to those involved, regardless of the activity. For music and performing, it is worth getting in touch with the Presidents of the relevant societies to find out more.

For individuals involved in University-level sport, grants may be available from College. Q550 Sports Bursaries provide a contribution to the cost of participation in sport at a University or National level in a recognised Blues or Half-Blues sport. Enquiries/Applications should be sent to Dr Graham McShane, Senior Treasurer of the College Union. For more information, please visit the College website: