Society Budgets

This page explains how societies can claim money to cover expenses. If you have any questions, contact

Please be aware that this information applies for the year 2018/19, but the JCR and College Union are looking to modernise the system for the 2019/20 academic year.

Where does the money come from?

We get a budget from the College Union as part of their obligation to fund non-academic activities in college. It allows sports and societies to pay for things like equipment, league fees, speakers etc. The JCR also claims from this account to pay for things like welfare supplies and freshers’ week events.

The Senior Treasurer of the College Union is Dr McShane. He has the ultimate say over what gets allocated to individual societies and also what gets paid out. Allocations are made in Michaelmas term and more details can be found below.

The job of the JCR Vice President Internal, as junior treasurer, is to process requests and claims from both the JCR and the MCR.

What’s the catch?

Because the money comes from College – a registered Charity – there are a few restrictions on what the money must be used for:

  • The College Union does not cover expenses such as garden parties – your subject DoS has his/her own fund provided by Tutorials to pay for events like these.
  • The College Union will not subsidise or purchase personal items such as stash. All kit purchased using Union money must belong to the club/society, not to individuals.
  • The College Union does not fund formal dinners for Queens’ members or for their guests.
  • New societies are given start-up money, but may not have been given as much as they requested. Should the society be successful this year, there will be room for negotiation next year.
  • The College Union does not pay for alcohol, either for speaker meetings or dinners.

You also need to make sure that you submit receipts or invoices for every claim you make. The junior treasurer cannot (and will not) sign cheques when they don’t have a receipt in front of them. No exceptions will be made for any society, irrespective of size. So make sure you ask for a receipt!

How can we request money?

Details on how to apply for funding will be announced towards the end of the Summer Vacation / beginning of Michaelmas Term. Please be aware that the system may have changed somewhat, and this will be made clear at the time.

The more detail you give about what the money will be used for (proving you haven’t just plucked the figure out of nowhere), the more favourably the request will be considered.

If you don’t currently have access to the society that you want to submit a budget for, you can request to be added.

In the current system, allocation decisions are made by the senior treasurer and junior treasurer together. It’s normally not possible to give every society all the money they request (but we’ll try our best!).If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to email the junior treasurer. Past presidents/captains of your society may also be a good point of call.

How do we make a claim?

Under the 2018/2019 system:

To make a claim, please put the receipt / invoice in the pigeonhole of the junior treasurer (T Wood) with a note explaining:

  • Your Name
  • The Society
  • Which category the money should come from
  • Who needs to be paid? Am I paying the invoice off for you or do you want reimbursement for it?

Under the 2018-2019 system, reimbursements are made via a cheque, which will be put in the claimants pigeonhole.

Remember, cheques cannot be signed unless you give a receipt. There are no exceptions.