Freshers’ Week

freshers’ week timetable

Download the official Queens’ College Freshers’ Week 2019 timetable below!

The events in bold are official fresher’s week events organised by Queens’ College. Those not in bold are the student led activities during fresher’s week, organised by the JCR.
Please note that this is the latest draft, and some events may change.

Click here to download the timetable in iCal format – use it with the calendar on your phone, PC, or other digital calendar:

Freshers’ week – general info

Residency starts on midday Thursday 3rd October. You are expected to attend one of the College Registration Days on either Thursday 3rd or Friday 4th October – please see the College’s Freshers’ pages.

There will be some events before the Saturday, but do not expect anything major.

You are not required to go to all Freshers’ Week events but please note that  you  are  expected  to  attend  all  events  marked  with  an asterisk. However, we strongly recommend you take part in as many events as possible. Not only do they provide you with very important information, they are also a great way to meet people and become more comfortable with your upcoming life at Queens’.

Don’t ever feel like you have to drink or do anything you are uncomfortable with! Both the College and the JCR have worked hard to create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone joining us.

We strongly recommend you do not buy any Freshers’ club tickets packs – these are usually managed by private companies (who tell you that everyone goes to their events, but frankly no-one does). We are working really hard on creating a programme for you to get to know your college peers as well as mingle with other colleges. Don’t worry, there are club nights every night with our wristbands too!


Matriculation is the biggest event of Freshers’ Week – there is a whole day dedicated to it! This is the day that you are officially admitted to your college.

Such events requires a special dress-code. Do not worry about gowns. You do not have to order them in advance. There is an order waiting for you to buy at your arrival and there is going to be enough for everyone! One Queens’ Undergraduate Gown costs £30. What you need to bring is a dark formal outfit. The reason for this is that other colours than dark tones would stand out on the Matriculation  photo.  For  men,  the  expected outfit is a dark suit, white shirt with a tie is acceptable. For ladies, dark dress or a dark skirt with a dark blouse is accepted. Shoes are more up to you, but most girls tend to wear some sort of heels. You should not have anything crazy or outstanding. No one is going to tell you off for wearing flats. Here is a picture for illustration: