Living in College

Being one of the two colleges in Cambridge to lie on both sides of the river Cam, the symbol of Queens’ college is the famous Mathematical Bridge. We distinguish the “light” side (modern) and “dark” side (traditional).

There are seven main residency buildings at the site – Cripps, Fishers, Erasmus, Friars, Dokett, Walnut Tree Court and Old Court – with most of the first years living in Cripps and Friars. Queens’ is one of the few colleges in Cambridge which offer undergraduate living on campus for three years. Most of Queens’ students have private rooms, but you can also choose to share sets in Fisher or Old Court rooms (no one is going to force you to share if you don’t want to).

All rooms are equipped with beds, a mattress, mattress protector, pillow, duvet, a blanket, NO SHEETS, desks, chairs, closets, coat hangers, pin boards, lamps and internet cables. Residency usually starts a week before the start of term and ends a week after the end. Alternatively you can go on excess residency or quarterly scheme, where you can stay in college over holidays.

Welfare and health

For information about the Welfare and Health services provided by both the College and the JCR, click here.

Sports and societies

For information about sports and societies at Queens’, click here.

Music at Queens’

For information about music at Queens’, click here.


Queens’ has a vibrant and diverse community. Since most of Queens’ students live in college, you will easily get to know people across years and subjects – thanks to all our very popular events, QBar and just the general friendly atmosphere in college. To ensure everyone is happy in college, we have various representatives and a welfare team!

And to make your arrival to our community as smooth as possible, Queens’ runs “college family” system.  It is basically a group buddy system. At your arrival, a group of 4 Fresher “children” will be allocated to second-year “parents”. Your college parents are here to answer any questions you might have about life at Queens’ and in Cambridge. Since you will spend a lot of time in Freshers’ Week together as a family, siblings and parents often become really close and their friendship last for a long time! You should receive a letter from your college parents very soon!