Living in College


It is important to realise that University is not just about studying and hard work. The College and the JCR work really hard on making our lives here as enjoyable and fun as possible. A sub-committee of the JCR, QEnts, is responsible for organisation of various events from bar get-togethers, film screenings, famous Queens’ bops, to May Week Bounce, for all of us to enjoy!

  • Bops are the best described as themed school discos. Queens’ is really famous for having great bops with the right amount of cheesy music and silly themes. People are very enthusiastic, go to great lengths with their costumes, and bops are always popular and busy. Due to large demand, people out of college are not allowed to buy tickets, but you can bring up to 4 guests! Your first bop will take place on Friday 11th October in Freshers’ Week.
  • Bounce is the biggest event run by QEnts. It takes place in May Week (the first week after exams are done, actually in June). It is essentially just a very fun outdoor party with bouncy castles and other inflatable fun, live music and food.
  • May Balls are arguably the most famous events in Cambridge. Taking place in May Week, May Balls are extensive and formal celebrations of the exams. It is something you have probably never seen before and the extent to which colleges go with their Balls is beyond words. Queens’ hosts a May Ball every second year, with the last one taking place in 2017, but worry not, you are very much welcome to attend May Balls at other colleges. Similar to May Balls but on smaller scale are Garden Parties. You do not have to wait for May Week to enjoy some classy fun. There are many balls and other events throughout the year, so don’t forget to pack your formal outfits!

At Uni level, there is always something to do. For example, Cambridge is famous for its theatre ensembles such as the Footlights and Impronauts, who you will have a chance to see in Freshers’ Week, but there are also many smaller plays going on. There are always some talks and conferences happening, and we can promise you, you will never feel like you have nothing to do.

In terms of the night life, your college parents will for sure give you all the details. Cambridge is full of bars, pubs and has few clubs which are mainly occupied by University students. Be prepared for Cambridge night life being very specific and quirky, but we can promise you will soon love it!

However, please keep in mind that clubbing and drinking is not a requirement! Do what you feel comfortable with and do not let anyone pressure you into anything. You will have the time of your life with whatever you decide to do because nothing is like Cambridge!