The College, the University, and the City of Cambridge

queens’ college

Founded in 1448, Queens’ is one of the oldest colleges in Cambridge. With over 800 students, Queens’ is also the third largest college in the student body. However, we still manage to have a reputation of being the friendliest and most chilled college. The community at Queens’ is amazing, largely due to the fact that we all live together on one campus for 3 years of our undergrad, which is not something all colleges can offer! Queens’ has a lot to offer and we’re sure you will soon call it your second home.


Over your time in here you will hear a lot about the JCR. Just as the Cambridge University Student Union (not to be confused with the Cambridge Union, which is a debating society) represents the student body to the University, the JCR represents the undergraduate students to the college. Each year there is an elected committee which does its best to make your lives better and make sure your views are represented. During Freshers’ week, we are going to be your first resource. Look for the committee jumpers! Please remember that you can always turn to us with any matter you might have. We are here for you!

For graduate students, there is an equivalent committee, the MCR, Middle Combination Room. There is also the SCR, Senior Combination Room, which represents the fellows.

JCR, MCR, and SCR also have corresponding physical rooms which are only available to members of that group. Queens’ JCR (top of AA staircase) works both as a work room (it has computers and printers) and as a chill room with sofas and a TV.

studying at queens’

Each subject is very specific in their study requirements and style. That is why you have subject contacts. These are older students of your subject, who you will meet in Freshers’ Week, and who will share their subject specific experience with you! Just as any other college, Queens’ provides great study facilities. There is a wellstocked library, which is opened from 7am until 2am with a lot of working space. The University also has excellent online resources. There is also a photocopier and a scanner and the library offers many services such as paper binding.

The JCR room is also a popular work space with computers and a printer, however it may get noisy as people often work together there. Some students also use the college bar/café during the day. During exam term, many other study rooms around college are opened so people can easily find the best place to revise.

Remember, everyone works differently. Someone lives in the library, someone works in the Queens’ bar or cafés around the city, someone never leaves their room. Find your own style and don’t worry about the others!