Looking after Yourself

Despite the unprecedented circumstances, it is vital that we continue to look after our mental and physical health! The JCR team is doing all it can to provide the support and resources you need to ensure your well-being is prioritised over the coming weeks. We hope to add as many resources to this page as possible (so keep checking it regularly) and do get in touch if you have any other suggestions. 

First up, three key links: 

And then there’s this document, which contains a long list of other useful links and information. 

Secondly, we’re launching the ‘Queens’ Covid-19 Festival of Ideas’. Anyone at Queens’ can make suggestions here! We’re all going to need ways to pass the time, so why not steal book, film, podcast and recipe recommendations from others. Please make use of this page! You never know, you might discover your new favourite TV show…

Physical Well-being

The college’s physical well-being consultant, Phil, is also striving to keep everyone as active as possible:

Keeping fit, healthy and active may seem harder now than usual but it’s almost more important than ever. Exercising will increase your endorphins and boost your mood. Here are home workouts I suggest doing:

10 minute home workout video

20 minute home workout video

Home Workout #3 Part 1




I also suggest going for a walk outside every day. This will also improve your mood and is great for your headspace. 

More videos, tips and links coming soon!


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