JCR Committee

The Queens’ College Junior Combination Room (JCR), a.k.a QJCR, is the union of undergraduate students at Queens’ College, Cambridge. It is led by the JCR Committee, elected to collate and express the views of JCR members and enhance the community with social events, welfare initiatives and more, all in accordance with the constitution and policy of the JCR.

Meet the JCR Committee 2024-2025

Noah Chamberlain

Noah Chamberlain he/him

[email protected]

Hiya everyone! I’m Noah, a second-year ASNaC from London, and your JCR President! I have the privilege of leading our dynamic JCR committee, ensuring smooth operations and supporting their various initiatives within the college community. Within this, I’m involved in coordinating large-scale events like Freshers’ Week (with the Freps) and collaborating closely with the SCR and MCR. Advocating for our undergraduate student body, I represent us in numerous committees, eager to address any concerns or ideas you may have. Whether it’s a small suggestion or a big vision, I’m all ears! Beyond my presidential duties, you can find me deeply engaged in college life: I’m an active member of the BATS (Queens’ Drama Society), or, if it’s the weekend, on the rugby pitch. When not immersed in extracurriculars, you might spot me at my desk in Fisher, trawling through medieval manuscripts, or in QCafe, avoiding a supervision deadline! My inbox is always open for your suggestions, feedback, or just a friendly chat, so do please get in touch!

Ewan O'Mahony

Ewan O'Mahony he/him

[email protected]

Hi! I’m Ewan, a second-year Law student from Dublin, and I am your JCR Vice-President this year! This means that I’m involved in representing the undergraduate community on various College committees, and also in the university-wide Student Union council. A really important element of my role is organising the annual Big QJCR Survey, which is a fantastic opportunity to hear back from students about the issues that matter to them within Queens’, which will take place at the end of the academic year. I’m excited to be representing you in this role, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions! :)

Izzy Pearl

Izzy Pearl she/her

[email protected]

Hi! I’m Izzy (she/her), and I’m a second year from Cambridge studying History. As Secretary, my role is to keep an eye on the behind-the-scenes, admin shebang of the JCR, as well as putting together the weekly JCR newsletter. I’m really excited to get going with such an incredible committee this year! Please do get in contact- I am always looking for newsletter submissions and weekly animal pictures :)

Ellie Cawston

Ellie Cawston she/her

[email protected]

Hey everyone! I’m Ellie, a first year Land Economy student from Nottinghamshire. My primary role as your JCR Treasurer is to ensure the budgets are allocated effectively, oversee the finances of the committee and ensure that our undergraduate societies and events are appropriately funded. I also organise the stash drops for our college merch! I am always keen to hear how we can be more effective and improve the way we allocate our funding for the benefit of all students, so please do get in touch with your ideas and suggestions!

Catherine Kirkland

Catherine Kirkland she/her

QEnts President
[email protected]

Hi I’m Cath and I’m your QEnts President, my main job is to make sure your uni social life is the best it can be within college, I’ll be planning bops, bounce and bar quizzes to name a few things. If you need anything feel free to email or message me on instagram :)

Amelia Bates

Amelia Bates she/her

Access Officer
[email protected]

Hi everyone! I’m Amelia, a second year PBSer from the Peak District. My role as JCR Access Officer means I work alongside the Queens’ Schools Liaison Officers to help organise college’s access schemes, such as college tours, Offer Holders’ Day, Open Days, Queens’ Roadshow, and many more! My main aims are: to expand Queens’ link with state comprehensive schools, particularly those in the North who cannot easily come down to Queens’ to visit for a day, and to create more access content to post on social media to reach more prospective students! Outside of my degree I get involved in many societies including Dancesport, Small Bore, and MagSoc- so if you have any questions about access work, societies, and how I (attempt to) balance all of the above alongside my degree, please feel free to send me an email :).

Oliver Greenwood

Oliver Greenwood he/him

Accomodation and Facilities Officer
[email protected]

Heya, I’m Oliver, a first year CompSci and your Accommodation & Facilities Officer on the JCR. My role includes helping college organise the Room Ballot at the end of the year and managing spaces around college like the JCR Room. I also go to a weekly Domus committee meeting with lots of different heads of college departments, where I can bring up problems or issues around college people have raised with me and try to solve them with college. If you have any questions or want to raise anything, feel free to email me!

Alex Mitchell

Alex Mitchell he/him

Academics Officer
[email protected]

Hi, I’m Alex, a second-year HSPS student from Woking, and I’m the JCR Academics Officer for 2024-25. My role involves attending the Library and Education Committees, as well as organising the Queens’ University Challenge team in Michaelmas. I want to make the library and other study spaces at college the best places that they can be for everyone, and ensure that students have a positive learning experience at Queens’. Please feel free to speak to me if you have any concerns about study spaces, workload or any other aspect of academic life in college.

Lucy White

Lucy White she/her

Disabilities Officer
[email protected]

Hi I’m Lucy, a first year English student from Cheltenham, and I’m your Disabilities Officer. My job is to make sure our college is accessible for those of us with disabilities and health conditions – I want to make sure the JCR is doing its part in making our uni experience both comfortable and enjoyable! I also look forward to representing our college in termly meetings to improve accessibility at a uni-wide level. I’m here to email or talk to, either to advise and signpost you for help with your condition, or if you have any requests/ideas for how the college can adapt to yours and other’s needs!

Bram Heierman-Rix

Bram Heierman-Rix he/him

Environmental Officer
[email protected]

Hello everyone, I’m Bram, a second-year engineer from the north of England and the Queens’ JCR Environmental officer for 2024-2025. I believe that as a college we have the ability, and the duty, to protect the environment for both current and future generations of students, and I hope to be able to help in this endeavour. I look forward to finding ways to make the college more environmentally friendly, as well as giving students opportunities to further their understand and appreciation of nature, the environment, and the impact they can have on it. I am always open to the views and suggestions of the student body so please do get in touch.

Freyja Delap

Freyja Delap he/she/they

LGBT+ Welfare and Representative Officer
[email protected]

Hi, I’m Freyja, I’m a second year English and French student, and I’m Queens’ LGBT+ officer! My main responsibility is pushing the Gender Expression Fund out to students for support with gender-affirming items, which can include anything from tucking panties and binders, to femme/masc clothing and other items. Beyond that, I’m here to support LGBT welfare - that can be dealing with misgendering, awkward interactions with supervisors, or just chatting about dysphoria/identity issues - and distributing LGBT guidance for students in general. If you’re trans, or questioning your identity, and you’re looking for help with name changes, feelings of displacement, etc, or if you’re queer and in a difficult situation at what can be a pretty intimidating institution, then feel free to drop me a line :)

Raina Pal

Raina Pal she/her

People of Colour Representative Officer
[email protected]

Hi! I’m Raina and I’m a first year medic at Queens’ and I’m your POC officer this year. I will aim to make Queens’ a welcoming place for people of diverse backgrounds, including organising a few events to celebrate some of the cultures we have at Queens’. Please feel free to email me with any questions or suggestions!

Angus Chisholm

Angus Chisholm he/him

Sports and Societies Officer
[email protected]

Hi! I’m Angus, a second-year engineer and your Sports and Societies Officer this year. I’m going to try to make equipment and funding easy to find and accessible for everyone– as well as trying to encourage more people to take up societies. I’m also hoping to organise some sports days and qbar events. Outside of this, I do quite a few sports and societies myself, including touch rugby and triathlon, as well as a lot of baking and cooking. Look out for info in the newsletter, on Instagram and around college! Please drop me an email if you have any questions!

Erin Lansley

Erin Lansley she/her

[email protected]

Hi, I’m Erin (she/her) and I’m the Food Steward here at Queens’! I liaise with the catering team, organise guest / bridgemas formals and run the illustrious @buttermeupqueen Instagram page. I eat, sleep and breathe the buttery, so please do reach out if you have any queries or concerns.

Tamara Lake

Tamara Lake she/her

Female and Non-Binary Welfare Officer
[email protected]

Hey everyone! I’m Tamara, a first year HSPS student and this year’s Female and Non-Binary Welfare Officer. Given the intensity of Cambridge life, I am here to help address any and all welfare concerns, either to connect you to wider university welfare resources or if you just need someone to talk to. One of my key aims will be to help provide support and respite next term via various events and resources, as this is often a particularly stressful time for students. My role this year will also involve overseeing the implementation of the college’s pledge to distribute menstrual products via vending machines. Please feel free to reach out to me or our instagram (@queensjcr_welfare) if you have any worries/questions, no matter how small - I am always open to have a chat! :)

James Goh

James Goh ?

Male and Non-Binary Welfare Officer
[email protected]

Charlotte O'Brien

Charlotte O'Brien ?

Women and Non-Binary Officer
[email protected]

Grace Webster

Grace Webster she/her

Class Act Officer
[email protected]

Hi, I’m Grace and I’m a second year Bio NatSci. As Class Act Officer, I advocate for Queens’ students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. My role concerns making Queens’ an accessible place for all, particularly with regard to funding and finances. I am always happy to receive suggestions and feedback!

Sophie Cox

Sophie Cox she/her

Faith Officer
[email protected]

Hi, I’m Sophie, a second year theology student from Milton Keynes (big up the roundabouts), and I’m your first ever Faith Officer! I’m looking forward to making Queens’ even more inclusive for people of all faiths and publicising all the wonderful things that go on in the Faith Centre (FF8) and the chapel. I’ll also liaise with the chaplain and staff to improve provision for faith-related needs such as catering, socials and accommodation. If you have any thoughts or concerns, please email me and I’ll raise them with the JCR committee. I’m excited to represent you this year!

Parijaat Jain

Parijaat Jain ?

Internationals Officer
[email protected]

Abi Green

Abi Green she/her

First Year Representative
[email protected]

Hi! I’m Abi, I’m in 1st year and I’m currently studying theology. I am also one of the two Freshers Representatives. We are the people chiefly responsible for planning Freshers week. My job is to make sure that the new freshers have a smooth and enjoyable transition into college life. We understand how overwhelming Cambridge can be and we try and help as much as possible. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’ve received an offer and have any questions or queries!

Julia Sokolska

Julia Sokolska ?

First Year Representative
[email protected]

Michael Ferris

Michael Ferris ?

External Accommodation Officer
[email protected]

Patrick Reader

Patrick Reader he/him

Computer Officer
[email protected]

Hello, I’m Patrick, a second year compsci, and I’m the JCR computer officer. I’m in charge of the JCR website, and I’m working on making all the IT systems in college work better in general. If you have any suggestions for either, no matter how small or large, use the JCR feedback form and I’ll get on it!