Referenda & Policy

Minutes of JCR Committee meetings can be found at this link (Raven login required).

Committee Policy

🌟 Top-Tip

Check out the JCR Constitution for resources explaining policy and on how to propose a motion for referendum. You are encouraged to discuss with the JCR Secretary first.

📚 1. Maintenance of Policy

Describes how policy documents should be maintained, displayed, formatted, amended and destroyed.

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🗓 2. JCR Committee Meeting Procedures

Ensures fair, orderly and equitable meetings of the Queens’ College JCR Committee.

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🎉 3. The QEnts Subcommittee

Creates the QEnts Committee, describing its positions, finances and events.

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🗳 4. JCR Elections

Describes how JCR elections should be run, including details on returning officers, campaigning and hustings.

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✅ 5. JCR Referenda and Referendum Policy

Describes how JCR referenda should be run, including details on triggering them, debates and results.

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🙂 6. Accessibility

Describes how the JCR endeavours to ensure its events and communications are accessible.

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💰 7. JCR Committee Finances

Describes the role of the JCR treasurer and gives details/uses of JCR bank accounts.

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✉️ 8. JCR Social Media, Mailing Lists, and Online Spaces

Covers the social media accounts, mailing lists, newsletters and online spaces administered by the JCR.

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🌐 9. JCR Website

Describes the intended purpose of this website and assigns maintenance responsibility.

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📺 10. JCR Room

Describes the purpose of the JCR room, its facilities and rules for booking it.

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🥳 11. Freshers’ Week

States the period Freshers’ Week refers to and the JCR Committee’s responsibilities during this time.

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🤝 12. Institutional Memory and JCR Committee ‘Handover’

Provides guidelines on officer handover processes and preserving institutional memory between committees.

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📄 13. Petitions & Political Affairs

Describes the JCR’s involvement in petitions, pledges and other political affairs.

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Referendum Policy

None yet!