Abi Smith

Disabilities OFFicer

Hi! My name is Abi, and I am currently your JCR Disabilities Officer. In general, my role is largely representative, so it involves voicing both the views and concerns of disabled students at Queens’, as well as distributing any information which may be helpful. Yet I am also here, and always happy, to chat about any concerns (big or small!) relating to a disability/ long-term health condition, or to help you to find the right people to talk to! Whilst I have had a really positive experience at Queens’ so far, I’m also aware this may not always be the case and am keen to make sure it is! If you have any ideas about how to make Queens’ a more accessible for everyone, I’d love to hear them! Please feel free to message/ email at any time  or find me around college (abi.smith@qjcr.org.uk).