Bengt “Freddy” Lofgren

Accommodation and Environmental Officer –Bengt Lofgren

Hey hey! I’m Freddy, a first year economics student at Queens’, and I’m your JCR Accommodation and Environmental Officer 🙂

Formally, my role involves managing and dealing with any accommodation/environmental issues you might have during your time here at Queens’. With any such query/issue that may come up during the following year, be it heating, lighting, recycling, living, storage (although not international storage ‘cuz then you can ask Pimmy!!) etc., do feel free to contact me at your convenience. I’m also responsible when it comes to any queries in regard to the new Ballot system and representing your views as students regarding this exciting topic!

Perhaps more importantly, I’m also another
JCR Committee member interested in helping out wherever I can, so if you have any random queries (about anything at all) or think there’s something college could be doing better, feel free to contact me!