Boo Hinton

Access Officer

Hi there, I am Boo your new Access officer. I am a second-year student studying Natural Sciences from Bradford (one of our wonderful link districts) and my job is to ensure that people for all backgrounds have equal opportunities to apply, and get in, to Cambridge. Speaking from my own experience, applying to Cambridge can be scary and confusing particularly if you do not know people who have been/ can support. However, the good news is that what the whole access team are here for! Each Cambridge college has a number of link districts who they support by running access events and being in contact with schools, our link districts are Kent, Havering and Bradford. We therefore do a lot of work to support students from these areas such as running an annual roadshow in which we speak to thousands of students about Cambridge. We also act as a great first-contact to any student (especially those from one of these areas) who is thinking of applying to Cambridge. On top of this I also work with the access team to run and organise events such as open days and also the interviews which aim to make sure that every student feels at home at Queens’.