Catherine Walker

Access Officer – Catherine Walker

Hey! I’m Catherine, I’m a third yr, I do HSPS (Politics and International Relations), and I’m Queens’ Access Officer! Access compromises all the ways prospective students can see the college, with a specific focus on improving the numbers of state school kids applying and coming to Queens’ (we’re 7% above the uni-wide average, so doing a pretty good job of it so far). These include school tours throughout the year, helping out with Interviews in December, the Access Roadshow that runs the first week of Easter Holidays, and Open Days in July. As part of the University’s Area Link Scheme, we work especially closely with schools in Bradford, Havering, Kent, and Medway, so if you’ve come to Queens’ from one of these areas or even one of these schools, getting involved is a great way to make Cambridge seem more approachable and achievable to kids like you. The personal nature of Access gives you the opportunity to help dispell and disprove Cambridge myths by telling your own story. For any of you reading this who are worried that you’re not tough enough to make it through Cambridge, I dropped out of school during Year 13 due to an eating disorder and decided to become a wedding planner because university wasn’t for me anymore, but somehow got in and have survived two years. Making it here and overcoming whatever difficulties you may have faced along the way proves that others like you can do it as well, and Access is all about going out there to meet students, calm their fears, share your experiences, and show them that they can and should apply to Cambridge. Beyond the wholesome sunny vibes that Access puts inside your heart, it’s fun to do. Any of you who came to the Open Days yourself might have noticed that we have students from first up to the fourth yr helping out, and getting involved in any kind of Access is a great way to make friends throughout college. The other huge selling point is free food – for every tour, you get a meal voucher, worth up to £5 in the buttery or cafe (lit), and even more for Interviews or Open Days (v lit). The Access Roadshow is essentially a free road trip around our link areas, with mates, and a £25-30 a day budget for food and bevs (huge lit). The best ways to get involved are to join the Queens’ Access Team facebook group, keep an eye out for any emails (, message me, or come chat to me in person (I live in K3 by day and Qbar/the cluuub by night) xxx