Hannah Matthews

Welfare Officer

Why hello there,My name’s Hannah and I’m one of your Welfare Officers. My job is to dish out sexual health supplies and sanitary products to any and all who need them and to generally give support;being that shoulder to cry on if you need it. I can also give you some guidance on which fellows to go to if you’re dealing with more complicated issues and sit in on meetings to make sure your welfare isn’t being negatively affected. I’m also one of your representatives on the JCR when something in college is bothering you. Please come to me if anything’s on your mind; the workload here is a lot so I can give you a space to get away from it all. Plus, I know how magnified other problems can get in the intensive Cambridge environment; I’ve had to juggle a long distance relationship, family troubles, anxiety and depression as well as the normal stuff:Who will I be friends with? Can I get my work done?To conclude my rambling I want to say no problem is trivial – if you’re upset, I’m here for you with a cup of tea ready.You can do it. I believe in you.Cariad Mawr xxx