Honor Clapp

QEnts President – Honor Clapp

I am the current QEnts president and a third-year Economist. QEnts is in charge of putting on events for the JCR in college. We host bops, film screenings, Karaoke, Open Mic nights, Quizzes and more. So, there should be something for everyone to enjoy this year. QEnts holds some of the biggest and best bops in Cambridge. The best way to describe a bop is a school disco with a few drinks and fancy dress. We have 5 bops a term and they’re a fab way for all of college to come together and to meet people from first to fourth year. There are competitions for best costume at every bop so bring your facepaint/cardboard/paint and get ready for some crafting during term. We also host a couple of big Easter term events so get hyped. In weeks without bops we’ll be trying to put on at least one bar event or a film screening so there will always be something in college for you to do. QEnts is always after new tech people, photographers and student djs (honor.clapp@qjcr.org.uk) we have our own set of decks if you want to practice) so if you’re interested in any of these things please drop me an email (. We’ll be handing over to a new committee next Lent term, so you don’t need to wait too long to get involved!