Iman Khakoo

BME Officer – Iman Khakoo

Hey!! My name’s Iman and I’m your BME Officer this year. From my personal experience, being BME at Cambridge can be difficult and isolating at times; so pls know that I am literally always here to tend to every/any need you might have. I have endless amounts of biscuits, love, wholesome food and time to give you so don’t hesitate to contact me for any reason! Our BME community at Queens’ are particularly friendly and non-judgemental and I hope that, through various social and educational events held throughout the year, the Queens’ BME love will be v clear. I study HSPS but please feel free to come to me for any academic (or non-academic) questions you have and I can direct you to someone who can help! My door is always open if you ever need to rant, cry, laugh, chat, or literally just take my food so just drop me a message (or email me at! Finally, congrats on getting to Queens’ and remember that your thoughts and opinions are valid and necessary here. BME love!