Iona Clark

Vice-President Internal

As a first-year historian I have plenty of time to do what VPIs do best: paperwork. My job is essentially tackling a large pile of admin each week to try and make queens’ the best college we can be, sending frankly impressive numbers of emails about stash, and managing the finances of societies and the JCR (aka checking how much welfare has spent on biscuits each term). 

You can either shoot me an email at, message me on facebook, or simply yell at me in the buttery! 

I can otherwise be found losing at pool in the bar (its free thanks to the JCR !!) or arguing with one of the queens’ printers (they don’t like me). 

Likes include: clearly labelled society reimbursement receipts, promptly collected stash, taking a tea break 

Dislikes include: mushrooms