Keir Bradwell

Vice-President External

I’m Keir, a first year HSPSer, disco enthusiast, and perennial turtleneck wearer. I may have bad taste in football teams (Sunderland), Cambridge cafés (ARC), and political theorists (Hobbes), but I do love attending meetings. Which is ideal, because since becoming VPE this is, in fact, all I do. I’m also the creative visionary behind a few of this year’s JCR pics. But the bit of my job I’m most enthused about – much (much) more than the student politics – is leading on the JCR’s welfare initiatives. I’m always here to talk to, completely confidentially, about any welfare issues you may be having – message me on Facebook or at to let me know you’re coming (I live in DD17), or come along to one of my drop-ins (usually Saturdays, 2-4pm). If I’ve recently been to Sainsbury’s, I may even have biscuits. But no promises.