Isaac Barkway

Secretary – Isaac Barkway

Hi! I’m Isaac, a third-year PBSer, and this year’s JCR Secretary & Academics Officer. As secretary I’m responsible for making sure the JCR runs smoothly, by keeping records of what the JCR is doing, communicating what’s going on in college to the students, and generally keeping everything organised. I can also raise issues with the rest of the JCR committee, or point you in the direction of the right JCR officers to help you if you have a problem and don’t know who to ask! As Academics Officer, my job is to represent your interests in helping make the college a productive and healthy learning environment. I do that mostly by representing students’ interests to the college tutors and fellows and the college library team, and I’m also happy to help you out with any academic issues you might run into. If you have any questions about the JCR or academic concerns, please do get in touch at!