The information that can be found via the following links provides a good overview of arranging and negotiating reasonable adjustments/ support requirements, before arriving and during your time at Cambridge. A range of helpful advice for managing the transition to university can also be found.

The Disability Resource Centre (DRC):

●      https://www.disability.admin.cam.ac.uk/students/incoming-students

CUSU Disabled Students Campaign:

●      https://www.disabled.cusu.cam.ac.uk

Links to various CUSU DSC Facebook support groups:

●      https://www.disabled.cusu.cam.ac.uk/facebook-support-groups/

Information specifically relating to Queens’:

Queens’ College Access Guide:

●      https://www.queens.cam.ac.uk/visiting-the-college/access-guide

Queens’ College website (supporting disabled students):

●      https://www.queens.cam.ac.uk/life-at-queens/college-facilities/student-welfare-services/support-for-disabled-students

More information to come soon!

If you have any questions or concerns (big or small), please feel free to contact jcr-disabilities@qjcr.org.uk!