Sexual Health

Getting tested

Even if you’re in a monogamous relationship currently or haven’t been sexually active for a while, there is a chance that you could have picked something up and not realised. Many sexually transmitted infections can lie dormant for years or have very few symptoms, if any.

The welfare team organise Chlamydia testing throughout the year in College, but it is a good idea to have a full screening. There are a couple of options for where to get a full screening done:

Things to remember:

  • It’s free – treatments and tests
  • It’s completely confidential
  • You can pick up free condoms
  • If you have an HIV test, nobody will know (occasionally insurers will check with GPs to see if their patient has been tested by them)


Chlamydia affects one in ten people under the age of twenty-five, and often has no symptoms. If a test is positive, then a simple course of antibiotics will clear it up, and the sooner you find out, the better.

Chlamydia (self-administered) tests are available from your welfare officers or from the college nurse. The nurse can send them off for results but any of the welfare team can pass them on to her so there it can still be done anonymously. When you fill in the information on the test pot, please do make sure you fill in every field, especially the date. 

Alternatively, you can order an STI test to College independently: 

There are chlamydia tests at every bop in the chill-out area (usually the Angevin Room). Gonorrhea tests are also available at some bops (ask your welfare officers for more details). You have to fill out a short form and then go to the bathroom to complete a urine sample or vaginal swab which will then be tested in a separate laboratory. Results are delivered by text, email, or letter, or over the phone in the case of a positive result along with follow up advice. Dhiverse are the organisation that provide us with STI tests at the bops, and Dhiverse is given £5 by Public Health Cambridge per test which goes towards sex education and support so the more people that take part, the better!

There is more information available: